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Sauteed prawns, angel hair pasta, sundried tomato and Chardonnay cream sauce

Recipe by:Richard Slusarz
Grand Hyatt, San Francisco


  • 16-20 prawns (peeled & deveined)
  • 1 oz chopped sun-dried tomatoes (from olive oil)
  • 1 Tsp each of chopped garlic & shallots
  • 3 oz chardonnay wine
  • 2 oz (dry) angel hair pasta
  • 3 oz heavy cream
  • Salt & pepper


Toss prawns with a little olive oil & garlic to marinate. Heat some oil in a pan till it gets hot and toss in your shrimp (be careful of spatters from the shrimp). Saute until they start to turn pink and then turn them over. Add garlic and shallots, sauté quickly and then deglaze the pan with your wine and reduce.

Remove shrimp and reserve warm. Add sun-dried tomatoes and cream to pan to make your sauce, and reduce till sauce begins to thicken. Add back your shrimp; adjust your seasoning. Arrange cooked angel hair pasta in a bowl or plate with prawns around and pour sauce over the top. Serve with your favorite vegetables on the side

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